Day of Silence Anti bullying Campaign by 11 year old

We are all to familiar with the issues bullying can have in our children’s lives, and the scars it can leave behind for years to come.

Meet Gerry Orz, who  is superhero in his own right,  who is bringing  more awareness to bullying that is going in our schools today .

He himself  has been bullied in school for being “too tall, gay parents, parent a foreigner, too honest, too polite [and] too Jewish,”

Gary is an 11-year old producer, writer, director and actor.  He has already made his first movie titled “Day of Silence,”  a Anti-Bullying Movie,  and  has appeared in a number of commercials and the Animal Planet series “Killer Outbreaks.” Two of his life dreams are meeting President Obama and being able to see his mothers legally marry.

Gary is taking it one step further by proposing a  bullying  prevention day on 12/12/13  at 12pm to have schools takes 12 seconds of silence  to “Honor those victims who are silent and cannot speak up” .  SCR 51, as introduced, Lieu. California Bullying Prevention Day, passed on the senate floor on  Aug 15th.


December 12, 2013, as California Bullying Prevention Day, and would recognize the need for individuals, schools, communities, businesses, local governments, and the state to take action on behalf of bullying prevention in California.

You can visit his website:


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