Fishermen save Killer Whale Stuck on Rocks (Video)

Fishermen save Killer Whale Stuck on Rocks (Video)


Vonick, a 22-year veteran fisherman and his friends s Nick Segal and John Oakes from Ketchikan, Alaska, were preparing for the start of shrimp fishing season ,  when they noticed a group of killer whales hunting down seals on rocks when they saw a female orca, become stuck on the rocks.

“We realized that she was definitely stuck,” Vonick said of the 16-foot orca. “For the next four hours we just stayed with her and kept her calm and put water over her to keep her cool.”

“At that point we stuck the oars under her pectoral fins and just tried to pry her off the rock,” he said. “When we realized we could actually move her, we just grunted and groaned and used a lot of force and got her free.”




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