IKEA Foundation Contributes $81 Million to UNICEF

IKEA Foundation Contributes $81 Million to UNICEF


UNICEF  announced that the IKEA Foundation has contributed $81 million* (Є 60 million) to its programs in India to improve the health, survival, education and protection of tens of millions of vulnerable children and women.


The IKEA Foundation is UNICEF’s biggest corporate donor globally. Since 2002, UNICEF programs funded by the IKEA Foundation have impacted the lives of over 74 million people living in 15 states in India.

One grant of more than $53 million (Є39.5 million) will help infants and mothers to reduce mortality and malnutrition rates across 13 states. A second grant of nearly $28 million (Є20.7 million) will enable children across 10 states to receive quality education and benefit from a government initiative that provides a safe environment for children living in difficult circumstances.

Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director welcomed the contribution. “Five million infants and five million mothers in marginalized communities can receive better access to health, nutrition, water and sanitation services” he said. “And seven million more children can stay in school and receive a quality education


Per Heggenes, IKEA Foundation CEO said: “IKEA Foundation believes all children deserve a quality education and a healthy start in life, so we are providing this significant grant of $81 million (Є60 million) to UNICEF to help develop innovative models designed to improve education and access to vital health services for millions of children and their families in India.”

The contribution today brings IKEA Foundation’s total investment in UNICEF’s work in India to $213 million (Є158 million) and aims at achieving results for children by 2018.

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