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Benefits of Volunteering

Benefits of Volunteering

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There is little to no question whether or not if devoting time and resources to volunteering in your community can result in a positive impact on any given community. Yet, what many people fail to recognize is that volunteer work can also produce benefits on the volunteer themselves!  While money may be the leading incentive for most, we are certain that by the conclusion of this article, you will understand all the intricate rewards that volunteering includes that you will never be deterred from a position due to the simple fact that it is without pay.


Volunteering involves reaching out to your community out of benevolence and not seeking personal, monetary gains. Contrary to popular belief, volunteering does not have to be locally based, although it commonly is. In fact, the internet has provided unique opportunities for individuals to contribute remotely. For instance, a nonprofit may request volunteers to manage web based platforms, such as social media accounts so they could continue to focus and develop their outreach.


First and foremost, volunteering provides numerous psychological, or emotional, benefits to the individual volunteering. For starters, volunteers are generally more confident and satisfied with their life as they are practicing altruistic emotions that release positivity and make them feel productive. Additionally, volunteering allows people to meet and network among others, increasing social tendencies and making an individual feel part of a larger community. This can help combat feelings of an anxiety and even depression since people who feel inclusive will not consider them alone or isolated in their lives. Moreover, volunteering is generally challenging, but rewarding work, and can introduce or strengthen the volunteer's skills set, which overall improves their cognitive and intellectual ability.


It goes without saying that improving one’s emotional state leads to better productivity and thus better job performance. Yet, this isn’t the only way that volunteering can give you a bump in your career aspirations. For those lacking professional experience, volunteering is a great way to tack on extra material to your resume. It also makes the resume more credible and speaks more volume to your personal character since you worked not for money, but out of the purity ad benevolence of your heart. As mentioned previously, volunteering introduces individuals to their community. This is a great opportunity to network among your peers, and gain valuable connections that could potentially lead to your next working position! As the saying goes, carpe diem, or, seize the day. The volunteering day, that is.

While volunteering has all these benefits and more, it is critical to mention how it is up to you to seize these opportunities. Do not let inaction dictate your future, do not allow timidness to cut the stems of a budding relationship, and certainly do not let greed cloud your outlook on volunteering. You might even find that volunteering benefits you more so than it does your community.



Doing Volunteer work not only provides you with the opportunity to serve your community, but it also helps you build diverse skills.

Often it?s also a very good opportunity to discover a job that?s just right for you. For someone still in school or college and not sure of their career choice, volunteering is a great way to get exposure to different types of jobs.


I totally agree that volunteering can improve mental health! I’ve seen so many people suffer from depression, so I’m a very firm believer that mental health should always be a top priority. My family does a canned food drive every year and we always feel so good when it’s done! In my opinion, if everyone made more of an effort to help other people, the world would be an amazing place.

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