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Volunteering with Hospice

Volunteering with Hospice

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Inhaling oxygen is a sign of life, and however it is a limited resource. One day we will all pass, and often, the question that comes to mind is this: in the final moments of our lives, we wonder  who will be there to take care of us? When we do not want to burden our families with our being, or simply have no left to turn to, who then will take that burden? Thankfully, hospice is the solution to this question.

Hospice exist to provide lounging, care, and treatment to the elderly and ill, especially those whom are terminal. They focus on “caring, not curing”, and while they are not all doctors or priests, they will certainly provide ample care to you or your loved ones in the hours that they need it most. Those working in Hospice services are amazing individuals, giving a wide range of services to the needy. For instance, Hospice workers may include nurses, doctors, physicians, clergy man, therapists, social workers, and other forms of volunteer. Even minors may work in hospice positions to bring a youthful and charismatic energy into the environment.

I understand that time is a precious commodity, and if you do not have enough to spare, then don’t worry. There are other ways you can contribute to hospice without devoting any substantial moments of your life. For myself, I lent a financial hand to my local Hospice community in Haines, Alaska as wells as volunteering at their donation drive. At the time, I was a treasurer hunter of sorts ,while I was going through the vast amount of items that were donated , I was able to purchase a Nikon camera for a mere $10.00, which I later sold on Ebay at a $120.00 as you can see volunteering has many benefits that surprise me each and every time I decide to lend a hand

Remember, oxygen is limited, money is limited, time is limited, and so is life. Therefore, we must make the best of it by helping all around us live a good, thorough, life, and how can we live a fulfilling one if not sharing amongst others, and always keep in mind: it can be you in hospice. It could be any of us, so secure your future by aiding theirs. Find your local Hospice and make a difference for someone today


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