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Pertiwi Soup Kitchen Volunteer Experience

Pertiwi Soup Kitchen Volunteer Experience

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In order to extend my visa in Thailand, I first had to travel to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and so I could re enter with my  education visa. Of course, this unique chance to travel to another country only provided yet another opportunity for me to volunteer and help those in need. However, my opportunities were limited, as I would only be staying in the country for a week, but I knew the quickest and easiest way to get involved was at our local soup kitchens, so that week  I made the journey to work as a Soup Kitchen Volunteer, which is how I discovered Pertiwi

The  Pertiwi  soup kitchen was quite impressive, They even had a dedicated space setup for there food distribution and of course. The volunteers  were eager to serve the homeless, foodless, and hopeless with a meal that would inspire them to strive for better and always remind them that there are people out there willing to commit valuable time just to serve them.  Even though it was chinese new year when I  arrived it did not  serve as a deterrent for the soup kitchen,  it was business as usual a true and utter commitment to the needy of the Malaysian community.

Soup Kitchen Volunteer

Additionally, Pertiwi kitchen provided ample medical aid for those who visited the kitchen. While physician work is valuable in any society for sure, it was especially important for the Malaysians who can barely afford a meal  , imagine a scenario where one is forced to choose between two dire necessities, food, or health? It is the epitome of the expression: between a rock and a hardplace. Fortunately, thanks to Pertiwi kitchens, these scenarios were never realized, as some of the most amazing doctors would spend hours in order to treat each and every patient in need of care.

Not only were the doctor’s enriching the experience of the Pertiwi, but the characters involved in volunteering were always able to lift your spirits. One woman in particular, Munirah Hamid, who operates the soup kitchen, was always able to whip up a smile on your face, as her never ending stream of jokes and general upbeat attitude never got old. How she found the time to commit to Pertiwi and run her own business on the side is beyond me, but it just goes to show the power of volunteering, and that no matter what your limitations are, there’s always a way to get involved in your community. Please, these people are depending on you, so get out and start making a difference, especially with Pertiwi! Check them out  . As always if you need helping finding volunteering infromation in your local community or around the world join our Facebook Group and we will be happy to help you spread the message of LOVE


Coralie Davis
Coralie Davis

Hats off to the most motivated people who are always on their toes to volunteer themselves to serve humanity and work for the betterment of deprived community. Keep the good work up!


You guys have big hearts, seriously. I always knew that when I firstly read your blog, but this post just proved me right. Thanks for inspiring us

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