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they tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds

they tried to bury us, they didn't know we were seeds

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“Quisieron enterrarnos, pero se les olvido que somos semillas.” Translation? “They tried to bury us, they didn’t know we were seeds.” Although, there are many loose iterations of the saying, with the most original being, “What didn’t you do to bury me but you forgot that I was a seed.” Even though some may attribute  this to a mexican sayings, the actual  quote originates from Dinos Christianopoulos, a Greek writer and poet during the late 1900s. While the quote itself is beautiful as a standalone, once recognizing the history you have a deeper understanding of what these words meant to the writer. .


The quote itself is a metaphor for the cause and effect relations of the oppressed and oppressors. In this case, the seeds represent the oppressed, and the “they” referred to symbolizes the oppressors. It is logical then to understand why the oppressors would be trying to bury the oppressed, it is a seize of power and a nod to the hierarchy of social and political power. However, like seeds, the oppressed will simply rise up when bury. In other words, the activism of the oppressed can not be repressed because the more they are attacked, the more they will just continue to spring back up again, and like a nasty weed, they will come back stronger and larger than ever before.


Christianopoulos’ worked focuses on the specific topic of homophobia, and the evils of being prejudiced to the LGBTQ and LGBTQ advocates. As a matter of fact, his work was revered for being one of the first, openly homeortic works in history, speaking volumes to his pride and courage in tackling subjects too offensive or touchy for other writers to do. Even though, Christianopoulos’ may not getting recognition, he deserves , I am sure he is elated to find so many people moved by this beautiful phrase .


Terry Seymour
Terry Seymour

Very insightful quote!! This really made my day! Since my childhood, I have been taught how to face oppression but, this impressed me more.. It gives every oppressed a very inspirational message; never ever feel down whatever the circumstances are, every oppressed soul will certainly rise! Keep on sharing such wonderful stuff!

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