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Volunteering at Alaska Animal Shelter

Volunteering at Alaska Animal Shelter

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Who doesn’t love animals? In my case, I am a huge dog lover, although from time to time I can fancy the feline pet. Now in Alaska the volunteer opportunities   are rather limited due in part to the fact there simply isn’t a high population in Alaska.  After doing some research I found the Gastineau Humane Center located in Juneau Alaska which  was another  perfect example of another  amazing animal shelter, dedicated to serving both the canine and feline. I had a chance to volunteer  cleaning dog bowls and folding cat blankets, overall, it was a lovely experience.

The summer in Alaska in was breathtaking with picturesque mountain tops, however the summer was short lived, and soon enough everyday was a cloudy day. I will never forget the moment I visited the bank teller in Alaska while I was completing  my transaction , I  had expressed to her my concerns about the minimal sunlight, and how I hadn’t seen it in weeks. She had advised me not worry ,  and assured me that it would be back next year.  At that point I finally understood why so little decided to live in Alaska permanently, and I’m certain that, unless there’s some insanely amazing volunteer position, I will never come to call Alaska home expect in the summers.



Great post, we too volunteered with the dogs at ENP in October last year and absolutely loved it; we have been trying to get back there ever since but our schedule hasn’t allowed us to so far – hopefully next year!

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