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Volunteering at Care for Dogs Animal Shelter

Volunteering at Care for Dogs Animal Shelter

Authored By Nelson Santos 1 Comment(s)

On my travels through Asia, I came across numerous stray animals.. In India, you are bombarded with a constant influx of stray animals, monkeys, dogs, cows, you name it, they have it. Yet, in the Thailand, the animals are typically dogs with the occasional monkey, depending on the specific region of Thailand you are visiting. The daily pass of animals inspired me to pursue a volunteering position dealing with animals. Being that I am a massive dog lover, I naturally chose an organization centered around man’s best friend.  After some initial research, I quickly stumbled upon the Care for Dogs operation if Thailand had a humane society this would be it.

Care for Dogs is an organization that does simply as the name suggests, they care for dogs and of course a no kill shelter . All the canine friends are part of their animal rescue program, some have been abandoned, some abused, and some donated by those unwilling to care for their dog. The volunteer work is simple, yet highly rewarding and, most importantly: fun! All the workers need to do is take a certain amount of dogs on walks around the animal shelter, and then after finishing this task, return them to the animal shelter where you can play with the dogs for the remainder of the time. Generally after a refreshing walk, each dog is extremely hyper and eager to play. I can almost still feel their tongue grazing across my skin, the big flap leaving behind a trail of sticky, warm saliva. It may sound gross, but these small displays of affection are a tremendous delight, any animal lover would testify to the irresistibly of these activities.

Of course, the dogs in the Care for Dog’s community aren’t there to be walked every day. The goal is to make every animal as healthy as possible in order to prepare them for a possible adoption. It is a great thrill is to see the animal you have been caring , finally embark with a loving family onto a forever home. The  animal shelter has numerous selections, both male and female of their dogs. All of them can be found at the Care Dog Facebook page, with pictures, videos, and descriptions of each. Keep in mind, however, that the Care for Dog facility is deeply passionate about the well being of their dogs, and will not give their dogs to just any interested adopter. Before receiving a dog, one must prove that they have a stable and ample living space for the dog to reside in. Care for Dog’s has no intention on dog’s living with owners who seek to cage or place other restraints on the dog. We love our dogs and will spare no expense at ensuring they are placed in secure and safe environments. If need be, sterilization can be provided for dog’s at no cost to the owner if they are financially incapable of paying for it themselves.

They are always looking for volunteers, so if you find yourself in Chiang Mai Thailand Stop by and lend a hand


As always if you need helping finding volunteering infromation in your local community or around the world join our Facebook Group and we will be happy to help you spread the message of LOVE



sooo inspiring!! what would the work be with the elephants?

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