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We’ve all been down on our luck from time to time. Unfortunately, some fall harder than others. Billions around the world face the challenge everyday of finding the proper materials they need to survive. They often lack clothing, shelter, proper hygiene facilities, and more so than ever: food. Doesn’t that make you appreciate every scrap of food you have? Isn’t it such a blessed feeling to scarf down that warm, hot, homemade meal every night knowing that other out there only have their tears to swallow down tonight? When I participated in the Potluck in the Park festival, a volunteer organization that feeds the homeless, I noticed all the privileges in my life, and the strength of the community.

My volunteer work began during Portland and ran during the Summer and Fall season. while visiting my brother,  oh had left our hometown of miami at the same time I decided to embark on my journey of volunteering around the world. . As always my fellow volunteers were some of the most generous, kind hearted people I’ve ever had the chance to meet.

volunteering in Portland Oregon pot luck in the park

On a typical day, the festivities officially began around 12:30 PM. However, a volunteer would arrive about an hour or two earlier to help set everything up. When the event would end at 2 PM, they would stay long after, diligently helping reset the venue and cleaning up the usual heaps of trash left behind. One amazing man in particular, David, who runs the entire organization, does this exact routine and more every weekend. Could you imagine forfeiting your weekend getaways to help the forgotten? The hungry, the desperate, the homeless? Rain or shine, and during the cold winters, David would always show up, a smile on his face, eager to help those in need.

I implore you, seek out your local soup kitchen. Find ways to get involved in your community. You will be stunned at how many people are in need of your help, and I won’t lie: it’s not easy work. It certainly isn’t. To quote Disney’s Pocahontas, “sometimes the right path isn’t always the easiest.” What if it was you on that food line? Or a family member, or anybody else close to you? Does it even matter who they are, anyways? They are people in need, and we as a species need to aid those who have not been as fortunate as us. I personally believe we all have one common purpose which is to help those in need. Take it from me, an actual volunteer, who learned through hard work that the passion of a community and the strive of the desperate is a moving experience beyond compare, so I urge you, join, help us, help you, help others.


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