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Volunteering at Transition Projects

Volunteering at Transition Projects

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During my time in Portland, Oregon, I was involved with an organization known as The Transition Project. As the name suggests, the transition projects unlike  the typical homeless shelters they are  focused on helping the homeless secure housing, thus transitioning them out of the homeless status. Thankfully, the group wasn’t a complete stranger to me, as a week prior to my India Trip, I was working as a volunteer in their soup kitchen, serving the homeless, desperate, and general hungry. As always, it was a fantastically rewarding experience.

Not only was working in Portland Oregon’s Transition Project a lovely experience, but their general volunteer community was fantastic. One thing that did take me by surprise was amount of the volunteer organizations in the Portland. Perhaps the reason for this is that Portland appears to have an ever growing homeless population . Or, maybe it’s just the simple fact that the Portlanders care about their environment, people, suffering, and overall community. Whatever the cause may be, seeing so many people from all types of backgrounds devote their precious time to those in need, doing whatever it takes to solve the unique issues of those suffering, was a fantastic site.

The Transition Project was especially good in aforementioned task. In fact, it is so committed to the homeless population of Oregon that those who are processed through their organization receive a temporary home while they seek out employment opportunities and other financial streams so that they may once again stand in their feet. This action is even more rewarding when it is met by sheer gratitude. I, myself, received a highly appreciative reception while  I ran the food kitchen.

Volunteering at Transition Projects




It was probably the best reception I’ve ever received, for that matter. The men would personally take time to thank us, letting us know that we were appreciated and that they fully understood that our actions came from nothing other than our benevolence, with no other motive other than to spread to the message of love . As always  I strongly invite you to experience this unconditional love yourself,  I am certain you won’t regret it.  So please, seek out your local volunteering project or join our Facebook group if you need any help and we will help connect you with one.  

If you in the Portland area stop by and lend a hand


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