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Volunteering with Free Geek

Volunteering with Free Geek

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Okay I’ll admit it: I’m a total tech geek, especially when it comes to computers. This Passion started when I was much younger, around fifteen years old. I  had saved up quite a bit of money, for total of  $500.00 and it came to the point that I was finally able to afford one of two items on my wish list: a fish tank or my first personal computer. Thanks to my mother, I chose the computer over the tank, and it’s perhaps the best decision I’ve ever made aside from volunteering.

My computer served as an education tool. I would spend countless nights researching its inner workings,  and  thanks to the internet it changed my life forever along with everyone else in the world . In fact, I had learned so much via the internet that I was able to land a very well-paying job at a technology company because of my newfound computer knowledge. Due to this, when I discovered Free Geek, a volunteer organization centered around technology, the nostalgia alone was enough to propel to lend a hand.

Volunteering with free geek

Free Geek is a fantastic organization for the tech savvy. When visiting, I got the chance to organize computer hardware. Of course, there a various other tasks to do, and the opportunities rotate depending on the day of the week that you are there. Some of the jobs include building computers, repairing computers and/laptops, and so on. As you may know, millions of computers are thrown out every year simply because of a small mishap or damage. Not only is this hazardous to the environment as technology continues to plague our landfills, but to those who can’t afford another desktop or laptop, their ability to access the countless droves of information given to us by the internet is severely, if not completely, hindered. Knowing that the repaired computers would be donated to someone without one gave me a fantastic sense of euphoria.

Without a doubt, computers are a life changing piece of technology. Their ability to connect us, inform us, and entertain us in matched by no other piece of technology. That is what Free Geek, is doing, they are changing lives. Thankfully, many countries around the world are viewing computers as a necessity now, since they are such a staple to our modern societies. In fact, the United States government has even implemented a discount for home internet service as they they originally did with the home phone and now cell phone service with their “lifeLine” program deeming internet service   a necessity.. Please, if you are a ‘geek’ yourself, come out to Free Geek, and let’s make a difference together!


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