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Volunteering with kids using Horse  Therapy

Volunteering with kids using Horse Therapy

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After a couple months of living in Thailand , I already was in contact with enough volunteer organizations to occupy my time when it allowed. However, I discovered Skill Center Chiang Mai organization after I posted a computer sales add on one of the local Facebook groups. It was an old computer that I no longer used nor needed, and a man by the name of Lukas purchased it. Following his purchase, we had a conversation , and he informed me of his wife’s and his’ organization, the Skill Center Chiang Mai. The program is dedicated to aiding children with disabilities, both physical and mental, using equestrian, or horse therapy. Being that I had never worked with horses prior to the event, it was a bit out of my comfort zone and definitely not my element, so it was an opportunity I did not want to pass up.

We arranged to meet the following Wednesday at his ranch. It was definitely a unique process to me, engaging, stimulating, and educating children through horse therapy. Horse therapy is especially beneficial for these kids because of the  physically activity it provides that they other wise would not get at the facility , and what kid doesn’t like animals?


 This way, exercise comes naturally and subtly, more so than being forced at a traditional gym. Additionally, it improves their cognitive abilities as they learn to care for animals. Best of all, the joy that beams off each and every kid’s faces when they ride is the most precious and genuine expression there is, and it truly made me feel that I was doing powerful, impactful, and of course appreciated work. Just goes to show you that the experiences you can accrue whilst volunteering are endless!



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