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What is a Hippie

What is a Hippie

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Save your harsh words, hippies are already used to being the blunt end of a mass of criticisms. The truth of the matter is there is a huge misrepresentation of what of the hippie movement and what being a hippy means in modern society. Hippies aren’t just some slackers using drugs to escape responsibilities. Instead, their intellectual stimulating individuals devoted to exposing the gruel of society through peaceful methods, while also pursuing their own inner happiness. In this article, we will debunk many of the myths surrounding hippy living.


There’s no beating around the bush, the majority of hippies do drugs. Whether it be marijuana, or even the ever growing opium, most hippies have dabbled in whatever sends them on a psychedelic trip or two. Keep in mind that the hippy culture didn’t start until the late 1960s. It was a time in American culture where war dominated politics, racism ran rampant among the streets, in addition to crime and consumerism being at one of the most historic highs. Reality was a brutal place. So what if hippies took to narcotics to avoid its pain. Is it any better than colonizing upon the homes of innocent civilians abroad, which is exactly what the US did to numerous countries during the time period? Of course not. Make love, and not war is simply all the hippies were doing.


One of the other popular beliefs circulating around hippie culture is that they do not contribute to society in any meaningful way. This is total BS. In fact, hippies are some of the most productive individuals when it comes to their impact on society. Perhaps most notably, the hippies are well known for their political activism. As a matter of fact, hippies were largely responsible for the anti-war movements going on not just in America, but globally, even being hugely credited for ending Vietnam war relations occurring in New Zealand. So, the next time you accuse hippies of being “slackers”, just ask yourself, when’s the last time you helped stop a war? Additionally, hippies have been credited for birthing and pushing the anti pollution and green movement, promoting both ecological and militia world change.


Hippies aren’t dirty, they simply don’t utilize the hygienic norms. As mentioned previously, hippies are passionate about the environment. These tree huggers won’t preach green efforts only to use hygienic products that are constructed of non-recyclable or BPA materials which are hazardous to the environment. Instead, they seek more organic and natural elements to incorporate into their daily lives. Detergent for them may come from a natural berry, for instance. This only speaks volume to the ever so creative mind of the hippie, and should never be used against them.


All in all, hippies defy modern day myths and even exceed the harsh standards set against them. They are simply passionate individuals, who believe in the power of unity, peace and love and know how these emotions can be used to enact true change upon the world, change that would rid them of having to resort to drugs just to pursue happiness. Now isn’t that poetic?



Thanks for the article! This helps me understand more about a Hippie. I recently read a book called Wednesday Wars and I was interested in learning MORE about a Hippie than anything. Thanks again!

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