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Wild Colors  of WildFlower Home

Wild Colors of WildFlower Home

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Wild Colors  of WildFlower Home 

Wildflower Home was one of those volunteering opportunities that almost didn’t happen. If not for Marcus, another volunteer helping  at the time, finding my email and getting a hold of me, I quite likely would have been forgotten. That's the tricky part about volunteering. Often, organizations are so swamped with work, inquiries, and request, that they struggle to actually get in contact with potential volunteers . 

. For example,when it came to Wildflower Home, my initial email occurred about three months prior to their response. It is because of instances like this that I strongly recommend putting an ample amount of research into a volunteer organization, as well as being prepared to waiting patiently for a response, and never losing hope .

After I crossed the hurdle of getting approved for Wildflower Home, the rest of the process was rather simple. The organization itself is a phenomenal one, dedicating its resources to empowering single mothers and ensuring that no single mother is left without support. There are numerous projects the organization enacts to fulfill this goal. One of them that I had the pleasure of witnessing, but wasn’t able to work on personally, was an agricultural initiative to grow their own crop, thus giving Wildflower Home a sustainable food resource that could be shared amongst its dependents.


Thankfully, I still managed to get my hands dirty, since my project dealt with painting a new property home of Wildflower’s, It was , a very easy going, relaxing task, if I do say so myself. Every stroke of the brush or roller was more than a color on the ripples of a newly constructed house. Every stroke was a message. A beacon of hope of what is to come.

Wildflower Home provide it's volunteer  with free lunch . While, the gesture wasn’t much of a monetary one, as Thailand lunches are relatively inexpensive, averaging about a $1.50 a meal, the thought and simple act of kindness behind the gift as surely recognized and cherished by many.  

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