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Trip to Bangkok

Trip to Bangkok

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I finally made it to Bangkok or sin city as I like to call it. I landed in Bangkok on the last day of Songkran; however, it was quite late when I made it to my hostel, so I did not get a chance to experience Songkran in Bangkok. However, the next day I was able to venture out and do a little exploring. When you take a look around Bangkok, you quickly get used to the big city feel.  Along with that, especially in the area I stayed, in the Silom district, the prices were double and sometimes triple what I was used to coming from the Chiang Mai.  However, this is the heart of Bangkok, and it caters to the business types and tourists who can afford that lifestyle. Now that doesn't mean you cannot get a bargain, but you will have to look a little harder for them such as the food markets which is the way the local Thais eat. When traveling in Thailand, there is usually a morning lunch market and dinner all which provide you food for about $1.25 a meal – the trick is knowing where these little markets are.



 I was also able to get an amazing deal on my accommodations in Bangkok… I paid a total of $83.00 for 13 nights! Granted it was a hostel, so that means I shared the living space with 3 other people, but personally I think that is kind of the point of traveling, getting to interact with others who you might not otherwise interact with.

The one good thing about being in a big city is public transportation is very accessible, and you can get across the city without a problem and save money on taxi cabs, but if you're like me, I prefer to walk to my destinations so that I get a better feel for the city. When I book my trips, I usually plan them according to the locations I may visit the most often. In this case, I was elated to find out they had a Bikram yoga studio in Bangkok and since I have not been in a proper hot studio since began traveling in September, I jumped at the chance to take the following weeks to get back into my yoga practice.


Bikram Yoga Bangkok



Aside from being able to do my hot yoga, I was not too keen on being in Bangkok. Personally, I enjoy the sightseeing part of traveling as opposed to the big city life that I can do back at home; trust me, once you’ve seen one big city you have seen them all. Sure they have bars, clubs, and restaurants, but that is no way to experience another country. However, one noteworthy experience is the constant street vendors asking you if you want a “massage,” which always included a picture they showed you of some naked woman and of course the words Happy Ending.

Aside from working online and practicing my yoga, I wanted to find something to occupy my free time and for me that was, of course, volunteering. I wasn’t sure I would be able to find an organization on such short notice; however, I did find Paws for Bangkok, which is a cat rescue animal shelter that houses anywhere from 70 to 100 cats at any given time. It was an interesting volunteer experience unlike anything I had done before primarily because all they required from you was simply to go to the different rooms that housed the cats and spend some time with them. They simply want the cats to get used to humans, so they are more adoptable. Aside from all the cat hair and of course the amazing people who do the same thing around the world and donate their time and money to help those in need it was another experience I will soon not forget.

cat shelter volunteer


Travel Tip: SAVE MONEY stay in a Hostel, of course that is not for everyone but the next best option is to book on

Travel Tip: If you want to dine like a local there is always a night , morning and and dinner market for majority of thialand , each city is different but if you walk enough you will eventually find the food markets , average price of a meal should a be around 50 baht  


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