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Full Moon Party Koh Phangan 2017

Full Moon Party Koh Phangan 2017

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After mom left me in Krabi, I decided that I would spend some time on the island and to be precise I would go to the Full Moon Party in Koh Phangan. It was also a great chance to interact with other fellow travelers and unwind a little. After working overnights online back at home in Chiang Mai, I wasn’t able to get a chance to interact much because of that schedule. So I ended up booking a stay in a hostel in Koh Phangan, which I figured would be a better way to meet people as opposed to staying in a hotel room by myself. In my personal opinion, hostels are and always will be a great way to interact with others along your travels.

When booking travel to a full moon party, it is important to note most hostels will require you to book a minimum of 4 nights. The the alternative is to book a stay on a neighboring island such as Koh Samui and just come for the party the day of and leave the following morning. When I arrived at KoH Phangan, I noticed the abundance of tourists. You get the party vibe the moment you hit the island, and nothing but a bunch of welcoming friendly faces from all the passing travelers. I had unknowingly booked my hostel on Hardin beach, which is the perfect location  as the full moon party is located on that beach along with the famous mushroom mountain and slew of other bars on the beach.

mushroom mountain

I arrived a couple days before the full moon party and what I had learned was that the full moon party was simply the main event and there is a party every day starting 3 days before and 3 days after the full moon party. I can tell you if you are looking for an island that holds events simply go there around the full moon party and you will assure yourself a fun time. Also, they seem to have more moon parties such as celebrating the half and black moon whatever that means.

Even though I do enjoy partying as much as the next guy, I still love being outdoors and going hiking whenever possible. The morning following my arrival I ran into some fellow travelers who  had similar interests and we took it upon ourselves ventured  out to the Phaeng Noi Waterfall. We ended up getting lost on the trail  for little bit  which made it all that more enjoyable , but we managed to make it out alive and in one piece – avoiding getting bitten by some the biggest spiders you have probably seen. Shortly after our adventure, we went home and spent the rest of the day on the beach.

Koh Phangan hiking

I  still had a couple days to spare before the full moon party and I took it upon myself to explore some of the more infamous bars on the island such as the Amsterdam bar. I must say that this place is a must visit if you get a chance to visit the island. Now the main the reason people go here is for the sunset and the “party favors.”

Amsterdam Bar

I figure should talk about what that means for those who do not know about the culture in the islands in Thailand. Drugs in Thailand are ILLEGAL no question about it. However on the islands in the southern part of Thailand (with the exception of Pai, which is small hippie town in the north) there has been an exception to the rule, for example, the Amsterdam bar not only has a beautiful sunset but they will also happily sell you  a “spliff” (marijuana rolled with tobacco) for 300 baht as of 05/2017. And a famous “happy mushroom shake” will set you back 700 baht and of course that being the ultimate party favor assuring you experience your sunset in nirvana.  You are able to find marijuana at most if not all reggae bars and the happy shakes sometimes you may see a sign stating so or if you ask enough people will always guide you in the right direction. The key thing here is if you do smoke in the island is to stay within the facility to avoid any interaction with local authorities, all these locations have some sort of arrangements with them as to be not disturbed as long as they operate within these walls. If you happen to get caught with drugs in Thailand you could end up spending years in jail or paying your due’s upwards of 70,000 baht to get your get out of jail free card – either way this is an altercation you want to avoid altogether; it’s simply not worth it.

After the sightseeing and spending some time on the beach, it was finally time for infamous full moon party. I was excited to the party considering we do something similar granted on a smaller scale back home in Miami Beach every full moon and I always find a great way to let loose with a lot of my close friends. One obligatory thing before going to the full moon party is the paint and most hostels will provide some for you or even the local bars will have a promotion when you buy a shot you get some free paint to cover your body and make it a work of art. After my new friends and I were ready, we headed out to the beach and to see what all the fuss was about. Now during its peak season, the beach can track upwards of 30,000 thousand people; however, since I arrived during low season, I would say the party was roughly about 12,000 people all dancing on the beach

full moon party body paint.

Now when I arrived I must say, after reading so many reviews of the famous full moon party and maybe just because of the city I come from, I was a bit disappointed because the music taste was awful. While it’s one of those experiences I can say I did, I would never go back, I felt I was stuck in the 90s with horrible edm music. I was going to experience different genres such as house, deep house, progressive, and even some dubstep and every stage they had they all played the exact same music as if they were all synced together; it was quite disappointing. However, there is always a silver lining. After walking the beach and noticing none of the music was any different from another, I decided to go my safe ground at the mushroom mountain and if anything indulge with my party favors upon the mountain and to my surprise was a great relief from the music on beach  and they actually had a DJ who knew what he was doing  and I literally spent the rest of my night with some friends I had met the day before enjoying the better music and drinking some shakes. All and all I had a good time on the island and got a chance to experience something different and take a little break for myself as well.


Travel Tips: Where to Stay for full moon party ? Stay as close  to  hardin beach as possible  that is where everything on the island is located and makes it so much simpler tons of hostels on every corner .

 Travel Tips: Happy Shakes  are found in the bars like amsterdam bar and the reggae bar in hardin beach and of course mushroom mountain  and far as smoking goes if they have shakes they have a joint to sell you , typically you will not see any signs for it but just ask and you will be taken care of. Amsterdam Bar seems to have a higher potency of weed then the other locations that offer it.


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