Good Bye Puerto Rico

Good Bye Puerto Rico

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After 3 months of volunteering in Puerto Rico, focusing and learning about disaster management, it is time to go home. Unlike volunteering project where I link up with an organization and know what to expect before arriving at a location or community, Puerto Rico was nothing of such. It exposed me to live in a different dimension as I had to settle down, look for location and mingle with people to detect where the disaster affect hurts the most. I would be an ingrate if I fail to acknowledge the huge role played by a very good friend of mine Jose  during my stay in Puerto Rico, I say many thanks! The memories will continue to be a part of me everywhere I go.

I must say, it feels good to come home (Miami), to spend time with my family, friends, and loved ones. I look forward to spending some time with my nephew who I have not been privileged to see since I started my volunteering career because he stays in another state. During my stay at home, I hope to re-examine and plan my next course of travel which is precisely going to be South Central America – Mexico, figure out what I’ll be doing and expand the volunteering community I have on Facebook . The good thing about my next volunteering expedition is the fact that it is just a few hours travel from home which means it is economical and there is no need to worry about a 24-hour flight as compared to Asia. I also have some hot jobs ready for me to be pounced on in order to generate income to fund my upcoming travels. My website has been supportive in this respect but I need more passively generated income for my travels so I can focus solely on volunteering.

me and my nephew

The next trip to Mexico will be an opportunity to regroup and work on how to expand our volunteering community on Facebook as I will be staying at a fixed location for a couple of months. I’ve had people contact me about my travel sponsorship alongside other promising projects I have ahead and it makes me happy to know that I’m going through this the right way. There is need to ignite the flare of expanding our volunteering community to other volunteers like myself and let people know volunteering is something they can be a part of once they are willing and passionate about it. No need to worry about feeding and accommodation. All these are what I look forward to achieving success in while I’m at the fixed location in Mexico.

I get these mixed feelings whenever I’m coming home. One minute I’m happy I will be seeing my family, loved ones, enjoy the stuff have missed and so on. On the other hand, I ask myself where my heart is. Volunteering is my life, my passion, no doubt, and if it means spending little time with my family, so be it. I must say it’s not an easy task but the “willingness” as earlier mentioned comes into play here! The obstacles and opportunities I encounter on my volunteering journeys have made into who I am today; a grown person in terms of giving back to people. Believe me, if it was easy, these memories and experiences won’t be worth having. I look forward to having a rigid or compact form that can come home and volunteer simultaneously to the best of my strength because volunteering is my life and I will never shy away from it.


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