I am home.   “Now what?”

I am home. “Now what?”

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I am home. “Now what?” That's the question I was constantly asking myself once I returned home from being gone for the past year and a half traveling all over the world volunteering and ultimately, rediscovering myself. I had the experience of a lifetime, I had the chance to explore so many different places, meet so many unique people and travel to countries I never thought I would visit in my lifetime. Now I am at home, sitting on the couch, binge watching whatever Netflix or Hulu has to offer. I have to admit, it was nice to be back in my childhood home, spending time with my family and enjoying the commodities I wasn’t able to indulge in in the third-world countries I stayed in, but the novelty quickly wore off. At times, I found myself slipping into moments of depression, confused as to what my life really is about and what the next step was.

  Me and my sister Volunteering in a local food drive on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving volunteer


I knew I wanted to keep traveling and volunteering around the world, but the harsh reality is that if I am volunteering full-time, I am not working and have no income to support this lifestyle. These moments of doubt soon became opportunities to reflect on what I really wanted out of this journey. I realized that to continue this passion of mine I was going to need to take a few months off so that I can work here in Miami to save up for my next big adventure. Well one thing is for sure, I needed to obtain some cash to continue my travel so I decided to contact a good friend of my mine who is a real estate developer and offered to work with him under one of his constructions crews. In return, I would be able to live at one his houses rent free or I should say in exchange for labor and be able to save some money and of course my most important thing is my health and to be close to my favorite yoga studio in Miami beach. That way I can keep my mind healthy and put some money in my pocket. After working for my friend and making some new ones, it was quite surreal to interact with people living the day to day of working a 9-to-5. Something I had not done in a long time. I truly enjoyed the experience of just getting back to a routine it was quite welcoming and kept my mind busy, Aside from the obvious which was allowing me to save some money for my next journey around the world. I had quite a bit of time to think of my next trip, I know I wanted to learn Spanish again which is my native language and helping some of the countries that had been affected by the hurricane. So I set my sights on Puerto Rico to be my next journey into the unknown… I figured since It did not require a VISA it made it easy for me to fly there without having to deal with the issues of visa runs and I would still have the luxury of experiencing a different culture.


Even though my original intention was to say for a month in Miami, things quickly changed what was originally one month turned into 3 months and went from doing construction, to helping out in a local restaurant another good friend of mine  Omar who owns in Miami beach, (which happened to be a Cuban restaurant of all things -) , which was allowing me to get ahead jump on my Spanish before I head out, which I thought was an obvious sign that I was heading toward the right path in my life. So after 3 months of making new friends and reconnecting with the old ones, and of course spending awesome time with my family, I was ready to for my next journey. And Puerto Rico here we come….

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