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My new Home in Chiang Mai Thailand

My new Home in Chiang Mai Thailand

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I have finally arrived at my final destination...well, at least for the next year: Chiang Mai, Thailand. Even though I love traveling, I also like the idea of having a home base. After reading countless blogs and learning about the best destinations to visit, one theme presented itself to me: Thailand, also known as the “Land of Smiles.” Living in Thailand is very economical as far as accommodation and food are considered. I rented a beautiful apartment (video below) for under $300 US. The premises has a pool and sauna, and I buy all my meals at a restaurant for under $5.00 a day. No wonder the approximate total expat (i.e., a person temporarily or permanently residing as an immigrant in a country other than that of their citizenship) population in Thailand is 250,000.




I must admit, it took some time to settle in...a lot longer than I thought. It took over two weeks just to acquire the necessary household items, such as office space (I don't like working at home if I don't have to). I also had to buy myself a mode of transportation. In Asia, everyone drives scooters, and I was able to get one at a reasonable rate. The good thing about scooters is that they have a good resale value, so you can sell it when you are ready to go to your next country. Aside from that, simply adjusting to the way things work here was a challenge. I was surprised at how much of a Western influence Thailand has, including beautiful shopping malls and amazing movie theaters, where I had a chance to see the new Star Wars movie in 4DX with moving seats and wind and rain effects. It was pretty intense and quite fun.


One of the shopping malls in Chiang Mai 

 Maya Shopping Mall Chiang Mai Thailand



Obliviously, there is a lot more to Thailand. Unfortunately, again, because of the time it has taken to settle, I have not had a chance to go sightseeing. I will be posting more once I get a chance to see the sights. However, one thing I can always find time for is making an impact, regardless of how small it is. Two hands can go a long way, and in this case it was volunteer work at the local no-kill shelter for dogs ( This facility houses more than 100 dogs, and since I now live in Thailand, I will be able to come back on a regular basis and help as often as I want.

Volunteering at Care for dogs chiang mai





I am currently living my dream. I have now lived in three different parts of the world and I am a certified Yoga teacher. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity. One life lesson that caught me by surprise was to DREAM BIG. I thought my dream was pretty big: traveling the world, becoming a Yoga teacher, and volunteering. I have accomplished those things, with the exception of volunteering in every country. I don't know which country I will volunteer in next, or where I will go. All I know is that I will help as much as I can throughout Asia. Don't sell yourself short; you can accomplish your goals. Look at me. Trust me; if I did this, you can do it. Now my issue is not having a bigger goal. I never thought that would be an issue, lol. Either way, it’s fine. I will figure it out. There is always an opportunity to spread love and that is the reason why I must continue my journey volunteering around the world.


Sandra Dove
Sandra Dove

Chiang Mai is a very nice place for travelers. Nice to see you doing volunteer work for shelter of dogs!! Please accept a salute from me, a true dog lover.

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