Sundays with Pizza Bill in Mexico

Sundays with Pizza Bill in Mexico

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The passions of a volunteer are never measured in lengths or in weights, but by the extent of their commitments in making the world a better place—therefore nobody is ever too young to change history or make positive impacts. The past few weeks in Mexico has been awesome in every way; I was able to spend quality time with friends, I haven’t seen in ages and as well doing essentially what I adore—volunteering and rocking all new experience life throws my way. Did I mention one the amazing benefits of having a friend or contact before hand in the country you are going to , is that they  may have a means of transportation and in this case I get to ride around in a Volkswagen beetle, in mexico you can find these all around here  , it even comes natural air conditioning.

Volkswagen beetle


Mexico so far has brought many beautiful opportunities that I never saw coming. While working on my online volunteer community and likewise my website to continue to fund my travels as I volunteer around the world; I was able to secure a location where I can volunteer, meet new people and enjoy the Mexican culture.

As I continue to Volunteer around the world, I  have come to the conclusion that volunteering is not event but a lifestyle , it has changed my life in ways I never thought possible , I am so grateful that I  stumbled on the greatest expression of love there is, volunteering is the most tangible expression of love.

By following the path of love , I always find myself surrounded by love and this past week was no different. I was told by my roommate of a man who host pizza parties at his home every sunday. Pizza being my favorite food I jumped on the opportunity to have  a slice of some home made pizza. It

It was an experience I’ve never had before—you bring the ingredient over; as far as the cheese, the sauce, pepperoni and anything else  you would like to put on top your pizza for Bill and he supplies the dough and and cooks the Pizza for you outside his home in a beautiful brick oven at no cost. Pizza Bill and his kind hearted wife have been doing this for over a year now, meeting amazing people like this is exactly one of the reasons I love to travel

Pizza Bill

What caught my attention the most was the location  and the uniqueness of their beautiful home in the jungle. Everywhere was so natural, it was the perfect place to chill out with friends over with some wine and just sit back and relax.

Another great benefit I was able to  enjoy the cenote which is essentially an underwater cave  with crystal clear water ;after you’ve had your pizza and your drinks, you can dive straight into the water to cool off.

Well, I finished a week there, continued to work online and on my voluntary services. As people continue to ask me about volunteering and how I get these wonderful opportunities; A friend of mine Jason who lives here, happened to be in the area where he overheard somebody talking about an organization  volunteering with local kids in the area

Jason got into the conversation and explained to them what I was doing—and to cut the long story short, it opened another pathway to more great opportunities. We exchange Facebook contacts and now, I find myself with a wonderful organization—a great humanitarian by name Felix, who has started an after-school program for kids to stay out of trouble and learn anything from yoga to english classes. I look forward to collaborating with Felix and leveraging on the Facebook community to take things to the next level and bring him some volunteers .  

It is amazing how things how have changed one started as a one man show has now evolved in a whole community of volunteers around the world.  As I continue to travel I can continue to grow and evolve as a person , and so does #smilingtimes, the possibilities are endless on the impact on how we are redefining the message of love

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