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Hello, dear people. During our travels and studies me and my friends realised, that we have lots of "life hacks" to share. Therefore we would like to establish sharing link platform, where you can find useful tips or links in your journey through life. This can be alternative source for going a bit out of your comfort zone or spice your life. We will collect links about scholarsips, internship/job offers, volunteering, alternative styles in travelling or just useful things that we found on the way. Some of the websites are for free, sometimes you need to pay membersip. Also there are some opportunities just for particular countries, f.e. European Union members. Remember that you can google key word for your country and search in your own language. We would like to thank all of our friends, who inspire us and helped to collect all that information. Please feel free to share this file and contact us if you have some new and useful information on mail (
TIP FOR STUDENTS: The best time for travelling is during the studies, so you dont need to postpone your "dream travelling around the world". You have many opportunities to go abroad through student scholarships or internships while you are in your home university. Also visa process as a student is much more easier, because your host university will help you with this.
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TRAVELLING AND MEETING NEW PEOPLE Couchsurfing platform is one of the most popular site for meeting local people, who offer free couch for sleep or you can meet them for coffee Application Spotted by locals will help you to find local places in different cities, if you are searching for the local atmosphere just put on Google: local life Similar to couchsurfing, less members, but it is a growing community. They are still not-for-profit, open source, and exclusively run by members in a transparent and democratic way. Free Walking Tours are well known alternative for a tourist guides. Google Free Walking Tour (+city) Hitchhiking is the most funny way how to travel and meet you people, it is worthy to try with someone experienced or with your friends for fun Hitchhiking map Travelling community Community for bike people, free worldwide hospitality exchange for touring cyclists This page has advice on funding travels, being paid to travel, how to stay safe, how to become a pet sitter and much more! Site with interesting travel locations in South East Asia - sorted by country. Site mapping out train travel options in many countries around the world. NOMADS is an online community for sharing ideas & information on low-budget/moneyless/low-impact ways to live sustainably on the road.
VOLUNTEERING Volunteering options all around the world in different categories. For contacting hosts, membership required Volunteering options all around the world in different categories Volunteering options all around the world in different categories. For contacting hosts, membership required Volunteering opportunities in organic farms. For contacting hosts, membership required EVS - European volunteering Service - opportunity for young people for volunteering up to 1 year, this option is long-term EVS - European volunteering Service - opportunity for young people for volunteering up to 1 year, this option is long-term Volunteering in Central America Facebook group with volunteer opportunities on Organic Farms. Facebook group for volunteer options all over the world Free list of volunteering opportunities all around the world Facebook group wheretravellers can find volunteer and job opportunities around the world. Facebook group for EVS vacancies. Inex volunteering platform Slovak website for volunteer opportunities
SCHOLARSHIPS and EXCHANGE PROGRAMMES Searching for a scholarship - when you searching for scholarship abroad, first of all, contact your university international office. They can give you lots of information about partner universities/schools or useful contacts where to go next. Another option is to check the website of the embassy of the country you want to go, because sometimes they promote scholarships. For example China have all different scholarship on one website so it can be found on Chinese embassy website for individual countries. Remember that you can Google opportunities when you put yur nationality and desired country (f.e. scholarships for Czech in Costa Rica). Be aware, that you need to search for scholarship in advance - sometimes they require English exams or there is application deadline. Scholarships in the countries of V4 - Poland, Slovakia, Czech and Hungary. Opportunity to get grants for your projects. Erasmus + is an opportunity for students in Europen Union to study for 1 or 2 semester abroad. For more information you can ask in your university. If your university will not provide placement, you can apply as a Freemover.
You can google: YOUTH PROJECTS (+your country) Youth exchange for Europians Youth projects Youth projects CZECH REPUBLIC Youth projects SLOVAKIA
You can google: TRAINING COURSES (+your country) Training courses are opportunity for people to go for a training abroad usually for 1 week, there are plenty of topics in volunteering, youth work, art, communication etc. You can find training opportunities and Erasmus+ programmes Darmasiswa cultural scholarship for people up to 35 years, who would like to learn more about traditional indonesian art or Indonesian language. Slovak information agency, that collects information about scholarships and grants. Website is mainly for people who apply from Slovakia, but you can find useful information there and check if it is applyable to your country. Information platform for scholarships Youth In Advance 18+, platform which is collecting opportunities for Europeans Asia Europe Foundation with differentopportunity for exchange
Art residencies In case you are artist, you can search for several art residencies all around the world Indonesian art and cultural scholarship Indonesian scholarship KNB scholarship offered by the Indonesian government provides the opportunity for potential students in developing countries to develop their knowledge and competencies that will subsequently enhance their chances to fulfill those roles back in their home countries. Opportunities abroad - internships and scholarships Facebook group for EVS vacancies. The European Cultural Foundation initiates and supports cultural exchange and creative expression across wider Europe The General Scholarship Scheme (GSS ) India It is an international non-governmental not-for-profit organization that provides young people with leadership development, cross-cultural global internships, and volunteer exchange experiences across the globe. Erasmus for young entrepreneurs
INTERNSHIPS AND JOBS for development jobs,including ngos in India and Indonesia for cultural  opportunity Internships from Erasmus+ programme
ALTERNATIVE STUFF open online courses: MOOC, education for free Tedtalks about interesting topics Online courses on different topics Online courses on different topics Online courses on different topics On the Craigslist you can find really anything, job, for sale/free stuff, creepy offers, dating and many more. It is worthy to check it out, but dont forget to be critical about "good deals" :D Community for bike people, free worldwide hospitality exchange for touring cyclists
Travelling blogs about countries that you want to visit are full of practical tips and tricks You can search for a springs, to get a fresh water :) Trashwiki about dumpster diving, the Collaborative World-Wide Guide to Dumpster Diving. Simply you can take some stuff from the trash. You can search more about this movement - dumpster diving. (this is the big step out of comfort zone :D ) GoWonder is a social impact focused social enterprise with a learning community that provides women globally the inspiration, knowledge and connections to travel the world.
SHARING ECONOMY Carsharing!/home Translation is: "dont throw it". It is platform where you can advertise or find things for free. This is a czech website, but each country has their own modification. Just search for the term: free stuff websites, exchange, swap ... In your language Platform for posting things, that you dont need anymore, exchanges, free gifting used stuff for sale or for free in Budapest Hungary
CHEAP FLIGHTS There are many of cheap flights searching websites, where you can find ticket in really low price. There is only one rule, you have to dice quickly and buy in almost immediately when you find your treasure.
Facebook groups with cheap flights offers
Low cost airlines - AirAsia, Ryanair, Wizzair, EasyJet, Fastjet Cheap deals, promotions, error fares are listed here. Not only flight tickets, but holidays, cruises as well. Easy platform for finding the best tickets. Filters can be set to search for the cheapest flight in the month, time period. Error fare fly tickets. Travel free facebook page AZair faceboook, or alternatively web:
HOUSESITTING House-sitting is the practice whereby a person leaving their house for a period of time entrusts it to one or more "house-sitters". these websites help to connect the owners with the travellers. Often need to look after pets in the house as well. Regards is needed, the fee varies. Group on couchsurfing for house sitting House-sitting group on Facebook, SPANISH SPEAKER HOSTS OR TRAVELERS This website a platform where travellers can exchange their homes for certain length of period.


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