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Mom Makes it to Bangkok

Mom Makes it to Bangkok

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I have officially traveled the world by myself for over a year; it has been quite a lot of adventure with up and downs at every turn. So it’s nice to see a familiar face when you are traveling by yourself. For the second time in my journey around the world, my mom came to visit me. She first came to visit me in Alaska and now in Thailand, which I think is fantastic. She always likes to point out she never had any intention of seeing these places, but because I am traveling it gave her a reason to travel and see other parts of the world she would have never thought of visiting in the first place. I always tell her that is why I am her favorite child.

I figured the best way to show mom what Thailand has to offer was to show her big city life in famous Bangkok and then make our way down to the south to see the beautiful beaches of the coast of Thailand. Aside from the fact it took me over a half hour to find my mom in the Bangkok airport because she got lost, it was great to see my mom whom I had not seen in over a year. I was excited to show her what Thailand had to offer. Even though I had been in Bangkok for the previous 2 weeks, I had purposely skipped the major attractions to share the experience with her when she arrived.

Our first day in Bangkok was action packed and included riding 3 hours on the BTS train system (between the back and forth of dropping off luggage and so forth) since the accommodations we had booked were quite a ways from the Bangkok airport. However, you save so much time and money if you book your accommodations by a BTS station because all of Bangkok major attractions are connected by the BTS station. Being close to the transportation system ends up saving you a lot of money on taxis and is a lot quicker than one as well because of the amount of traffic in this major city.

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Since she arrived on a Saturday, we headed out for some sightseeing after dropping off her luggage. The best thing you can show someone when arriving in Thailand on the weekend is to take them to a weekend market. Regardless of what city you are in Thailand, there is always a weekend market, and there is usually a street called a walking street where they will have a huge market selling a variety of things from the locals and is a great way to see firsthand the cultural crafts of the people who live in this country. Of course, one of the joys of going to the market is also the abundance of food on every corner. I had a chance to have my mom taste as much of the local food as possible while we were walking through the market, and I am sure we both gained some weight that day from the amount food we consumed. One of the great things is the price considering that in Thailand you can get your dessert for about 50 cents on the streets – anything from ice cream (coconut to be exact) to fried plantains. You’d be amazed by the variety of options the Thais have for after dinner meals or just simply snacks on the go.

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After we had finished our tour of the weekend market, we went on a boat ride in the river along Bangkok to get an overview of the city from the water. It was a nice relaxing time with mom just to getting a chance to sit down because we had not stopped since she had landed. It was also a great way to see other attractions in Bangkok such as Chinatown and the Grand Palace instead of taking the train; the boat leaves you at a port within walking distance of such attractions. After we had finished the boat ride, we decided to go home and take a rest and relax. We were looking forward to the following day when we would have a chance to explore the famous floating markets and go on a bike ride and boat ride around the coconut and banana farms.


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