Welcome to Mexico

Welcome to Mexico

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The pleasure of living a fulfilled life when you work as a community volunteer is that “no act of humanity, regardless of how small, is ever a waste”. After spending the last two months at home with my loved ones and doing essentially what I can to save money for my next travels around the world—it was time to move on to my next adventure and so, I finally found myself in the beautiful country of Mexico in the city of  Playa Del Carmen .Miami Airport

Traveling around the world has always been a breathtaking experience for me; and the one thing I’ve learned about traveling, is that it creates a powerful connection not only with that environment you might find yourself in but with the people and their different cultures—which is practically a whole new quest to adapt to.

Being in Mexico was a smooth transition for me thanks to my two of my good friends Jason and Parker who are living  in Mexico. I was welcomed with so much excitement into their home. Parker provided me with all the necessary information that I needed when I landed; such as opting for buses, instead of using taxi’s which would save me quite a bit of money and of course allow me experience a little adventure from the moment I land .

There’s a lot of benefits in having somebody close to you living in the country you are traveling to, it makes the whole process of adjusting a lot easier . Playa Del Carmen reminded me a lot of my home town, South Beach giving off a nice beach vibe  and the fact that I speak Spanish made it easy to interact with the locals. Playa Del Carmen is quite a bit different from what I been used to seeing along my travel , being so touristy , but it was a nice welcome surprise with beautiful beaches only minutes away .

Mexico Dog Rescue

Now, that I’m well-adjusted , it’s time to reflect and find a project where I am  able to volunteer. I stumbled across SOS el Arca (mexico dog rescue )  while walking down the street with my friends, they were showing off the dogs they had for adoption and I had asked for a card, and that  Saturday I spent the day washing the dogs. The incredible aspect of volunteering in a Dog Shelter is that you don’t require any sort of training and they accept working volunteers no matter anywhere you go; since anyone can wash a dog or even take a walk with the dog. For this reason, I always recommend Dogs shelters for people who don’t have as much time as I have for volunteering; they’re always a way to go. You can also key in time for soup kitchens, where you can always feed somebody in need or help someone cook in the kitchen—which is also great for anybody with limited time.

In the meantime, I will go ahead and commit more time in this dog shelter, as well as working on my other projects online. Since my goal is to spend quality time volunteering out here, I will continue doing my online community projects and will be actively looking for another project where I can commit about  7 to 8 weeks of my time, before I go on to my next adventure.

Another exciting part I’m looking forward to here in Mexico is the chance to celebrate the day of the dead. I didn’t get a chance to come to Mexico last year, because the timing wasn’t perfect, but this time I literally will be in Mexico during that—which will be an exciting journey for me to experience an important culture in the Mexican history.  

Finally, there’s nothing more valuable to me then volunteering around the world and I am so grateful to be able to live this lifestyle .  My journey into the unknown is always exciting and I’m truly looking forward to an amazing adventure out here in Mexico.

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