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Subject: Smiling Times - Volunteering of New Generation

Are you ready to act on your altruistic tendencies and help those in need by volunteering and offering your help to the organizations who deeply need it while getting a chance to explore your unique opportunities and grow as an individual?

At , as a community built on the foundational principles of commitment to altruism, helping our fellow men and women in need and dedication towards growing as individuals while learning how to better understand our local communities and the way we can be useful to them, we are grateful with the opportunity to support you in making the required change in your community while providing you with extraordinary gifts.

Not only are our volunteers doing volunteering work all around the world and contributing to the local communities, but we are also making an emphasis on putting the volunteering services on the pedestal that they deserve – while dedicating them to respect of the dignity, individuality and diversity.

We are proud of the unique opportunity to invite you to become a part of SmilingTime’s unique, noble mission and volunteering family by volunteering at your local volunteering centre.

SmilingTimes would be happy to support your noble decision by offering a free t – shirts to the handful of chosen volunteers.

What does it take to participate?

All you have to do is spread love by posting an image of you while volunteering at your local community and post it to Instagram or Facebook with the #smilingtimes hashtag which will make you instantly eligible for winning one of our unique t – shirts which we will, after contacting you, send you directly to your address!

Besides posting the hashtag, before receiving your FREE Smiling Times t – shirt you’ll need to fill out a quick form with information on where you’ll be volunteering and with what NGO.

As volunteers ourselves, we firmly believe that your help is extremely valuable and that every single act of kindness, altruism and love can be the defining moment. We encourage you to get involved with volunteering in your local community and start one of the most important journeys towards both personal and community growth that will enrich your life in more ways than you can imagine.

We strongly encourage you to learn more about volunteering and find the right fit for you.

Of course, it goes without saying that everyone are more than welcome to join our mission and eligible to get free Smiling Times t – shirts – regardless of age, location or volunteering interest.

Post your volunteering picture with #smilingtimes hashtag and enjoy a chance to win free t – shirt today!

How to get your free t shirt ? Send us an E-mail with the following information:

Email us:

  1. Your Full Name
  2. Your Email address
  3. Shirt size
  4. Tell us about the volunteer event
  5. when you get your shirt share your picture on social media with hashtag #SmilingTimes
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