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Non Provisional Patent (Utility/Design)

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Non-Provisional Application for Patent

 the non-provisional application for patent (N-PAP) is the patent application which will eventually mature into a patent. Unlike a PAP, a N-PAP has to have formal drawings, an abstract, at least one claim, and other components, which are not required in a PAP. That's why, the N-PAP is often called the FULL application for patent, and obviously it takes longer to prepare, and consequently, it costs more.

The most important part of the N-PAP is the one containing the claims. The claims are the ones that ultimately define the invention. Therefore, considerable amount of time is generally spent with the drafting of the claims. In addition, in the claims area, more often than not, the "battle" between the patent examiner and the patent attorney takes place. One or more office actions are generally issued, and the patent attorney has to prepare appropriate responses. If the problems cannot be resolved between the examiner and the patent attorney, petitions, and/or appeals have to be filed, further delaying the patent issuance and increasing the cost of obtaining a patent.

Patent Issuance.

If the patent examiner accepts the N-PAP as filed, or, after all the objections and rejections are resolved, the patent is granted. A patent issuance fee is assessed and has to be paid to the USPTO.

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